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  1. barb

    you are soooooooooooo hot

  2. wow you are so fine

  3. Karla

    My mouth is watering…..I wanna bite that ass!

  4. wow you are so lucky

  5. he is definately the hottest man on this site

  6. u r soooooo darn fine dude, wish u were here!!!!Wow!!!!!

  7. hmmmmmmmmmmm…….gr8 body.


  9. OMG he makes me wanna get that tonight
    still a virgin what the fuck

  10. I might wanna get that tonight poppi

  11. Hey man u r so fine, beeter than Lindt Chocolate wish u could LAY next to me 4 ETERNITY!!!!

  12. Twonya

    OOOHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Baby I could hardly type this looking at your pic….tooooooooooooooooo damn hot.

  13. Miki and Becca

    Lay your headaaaddddd…. on my pillow!!! Woohoo!!!

  14. OMG how hot is you bby mmmm mmmm

  15. Ummm sexual chooclate! Yummy! Good enough to eat! lol

  16. Julie

    Gotta love those Indiana boys!!

  17. haley

    Super Sexy!!!

  18. Danielle

    Damn!!! thats all i can say

  19. Tress

    Wow!! At a loss for any other words (eyes out of sockets wow)!!!!

  20. sophy likes these

  21. Valerie

    “O Lay” is all I have to say!!!!

  22. Extremely sexy photo!

  23. wildling

    Whoa. Like, a lot whoa. 🙂
    I wonder if he comes on here to read these comments?

  24. Ladylove

    You are simply BEAUTIFUL!

  25. kasaras

    Omg…he is a godess.

  26. kasaras

    I prey I can get sum sleep after seeing you…lol

  27. ommanda

    An earthly gift!

  28. Shana

    Let me lick you up and down you sexy chocolate man.